We are committed to Culture and Indigenous procurement.

Photo with the Traditional Owners Gurambilbarra Wulgurukaba, Bindal, Nywaigi, GuGu Badhun, and Mayor Jenny Hill, Councilor Russ Cook, General Manager – Construction maintenance and operation, Thomas Holden CEO Activate One Graphic Artist Robert Paul

Townsville City Council engaged Activate One to provide a solution major cultural engagement. The project provided the opportunity to create respect and design of naming the traditional owner meeting rooms and open spaces for the Townsville City Council. This Project was a first for the Townsville City Council at the Construction Maintenance and Operations (CMO) building. It was a humble honor working with the Traditional Owners Gurambilbarra Wulgurukaba, Bindal, Nywaigi, GuGu Badhun, Robert Paul from RP Designs was commissioned across the project. The project connected the creation stories of the four traditional owners and displayed dialect of their Indigenous language. This project also delivered 100% Indigenous Procurement for the Townsville City Council.